Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Day Today

I had a busy day today starting with a groom's getting-ready shots in Aina Haina (woke up the whole household at 6:15 a.m.), wedding in Kaimuki and reception at the Hale Koa. Then I had a coworker's family photo shoot in the afternoon (fastest session ever) in Hawaii Kai. And then dinner at Makittii in Waikiki with Wendell.

Hale Koa, as most of you know serves an awesome buffet. Makittii also has an all-you-can-eat buffett. So today I had a lunch buffet AND a dinner buffet. I feel like an eleppotamus right now.
I took this shot while I was waiting for Wendell to finish his mountain of food. I clicked on a "Strong Contrast" button in Lightroom and it transformed to this. I kinda like it.



Betty Townsend said...

This is cool! So did you take pictures of the buffets?

jalna said...

I did take pictures of the food at both buffets Betty. I'll probably post only a few shots from Hale Koa. And at Makittii there was a plastic roof over most of the stations, so I could only take pictures with my camera held directly over the food without looking through the viewfinder. Not sure how those photos turned out yet.

The Little Foodie said...

TWO BUFFETS???! I want to see before and after pictures. ha ha.

I've never been to Hale Koa-- I want to hear more about it.

jalna said...

Mariko . . . before and after of my fat stomach??! Hahahaha. You've never been to Hale Koa? I love their buffet. I might have to do a whole separate post for you with pictures of the food. Shucks, I wish I took more photos now. I just snapped away as I was making my plate. Got lots of desserts 'cause that's where I lingered the longest and not much of the hot entrees.

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome pictures...the bride's dress was gorgeous and the flowers so lovely. The groom is rather tall. Did he have some military guys as his groomsmen? The food looked fantastic too.

jalna said...

Betty, Chris' groomsmen are his brothers, and I think Aleka the best man is in the Army.