Saturday, November 28, 2009

Didi's Mochi Rice Dish

This is one of the dishes that Didi brought for Thanksgiving. She was trying to recreate the harm joong I blogged about earlier. It was really good. I think it's simple enough for all you good cooks out there, but it's a little too complicated for me. Her recipe follows.

In Didi's words:

Sooo………..wanted to make kinda like that mochi wrapped in the lotus leaf stuff that you said you liked so much….you had it on your blog a while back, I feel you REALLY need the lotus leaves for that missing flavor….anyways….here you go………..dang, I knew, I should’ve measured….

- 3 c. glutinous rice, soak overnight, soak in large container to allow room for rice to expand (1 ½ x’s in size)
- Drain rice COMPLETELY

- 6 dried shitake mushrooms, soak, drain, reserving 1 c. of water, remove stems, finely chop
- 1/3 c. black fungus, soaked, drained, finely chop
- 2 TB SMALL dried ebi, soak in ¼ cup of water, reserve all liquid, finely chop
- 2 links, CHICKEN lup cheong sausage, thinly sliced in rounds
- 3 TB chopped green onion, white parts only
- 1/2 cup shredded turkey meat ** or dark chicken meat, or Chinese Roast duck meat

I did all my mise en place the night before, so when ready to cook rice:

- Place rice in rice cooker
- Measure 3 cups of water, using shiitake mushroom water and dried ebi water, to remaining water, dissolve 1 bag non MSG dashi no moto. Add into cooker
- Top with remaining ingredients
- Press da button
- Garnish with 3 TB chopped green onion, green parts only


Erick said...

Looks so ono! This is another one I need to try. Thanks Didi!

Randism said...

mmmmmm. that looks really ono ;-) ugh, i gatta get off my butt and try some of these dishes!

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, so ONO looking. The preparation is a little involved, yeah!

jalna said...

I suspect that you're a good cook, Erick. Let me know how it turns out.

Rand, I'm with you. I think the reason I don't try the more complex recipes is that I'm just too dang lazy.

Betty, I just loved the stickiness of the dish, but yeah, too involved for me to try and make myself.

Dd said...

Erik, it is really simple, just sounds complicated. KEY ingredient is the little tiny baby dried ebi (so so flavorful) and the "smoked" turkey meat. But all the markets sell the smoked turkey dark meats nowadays. I had a lot, so I shredded it all and froze the rest

RONW said...

"....for all you good cooks out there...."


jalna said...

Ron, see Didi's comment above . . . (she one good cook though).

Jesse said...

You have an interesting blog with excellent food photos! Keep up the shooting.

jalna said...

Thanks Jesse. I didn't know what else to do with my pikchas so I started blogging. I'm kinda surprised myself that I'm still doing it. Well, we'll see how much longer this lasts.

Les said...

looks yummy, minus a few ingredients...grrr...

hi didi! I saw you the other night at Macy's but you probably don't remember me so I didn't wanna embarrass myself and say hello :) you were busy anyways...

jalna said...

Les, you so poor ting you.

Dd said...

Les, Sunday ?? Friday ?? both days/nights were madness ;+{
Next time Stop me and say hellloooo...always nice to get a "break" from da madness

carol s said...

Where can I find Chicken Lup Cheong sausage?

jalna said...

Carol, my sister said that she used to get it at the grocery store in Chinatown at the corner of Maunakea and King that had the veggies out in front, but since they changed owners she hasn't seen it there.