Monday, February 23, 2009

Wendell's Seared Ahi

I think I have to stop saying that I don't really care for fish 'cause Wendell keeps making these ono fish dishes . . . and this one was raw inside . . . and I still liked it!

He said he just coated the fish with garlic salt and this Shichimi Togarashi spice. He then quickly fried the fish on all sides just enough to still keep the inside raw.


Betty Townsend said...

Ok, I am coming to your house for dinner!! :) This looks so ONO!!! Although that spice may be a little too much for me, it still looks fantastic! We had Redondo's Portuguese sausage that I got from the Japanese market last Friday, rice and some hijiki (its a type of seaweed I think). I absolutely love the stuff. At the Japanese restaurant where I eat on Tuesday, Tomiko-san (the cook) always gives me a small dish of it. (She spoils me!!! :)

jalna said...

Betty you're right, normally I can't handle that shichimi spice, but with the rice it was soooo ono. I love hijiki too. I'm glad there's a Japanese cook there that spoils you!

Erick said...

Let me know Wendell's opens a restaurant, I'll be the first one in line! I look so good!