Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Fun in Haleiwa

I had the best time today with Erick, Shun-Wah and Celia. It's so neat spending time with pals who share the same passion for photography.

Here's Erick's camera-on-a-stick technique. Neat yeah, except I wouldn't dare trust my grip doing that.
We had lunch at Haleiwa Joes, my first time there.
Celia and I had the Salmon Salad. It was really good.
Erick had the Ahi Melt. It was better than mine.
Shun-Wah had the Grilled Cajun Fish Sandwich.
Of course for dessert we went to get some Matsumoto Shave Ice.
This truck and car passed by while we were waiting in line.
Stan Matsumoto took over running the store in 1976.


Erick said...

Wow, way cool, I love the coconut trees, terrific shot! Your color saturation is so vivid. Good shooting! That was a fun day, good food, fantastic shave ice, definitely worth the long wait. A Perfect Day in Hawaii!

SW said...

Did you used a polarizer on the beach? those clouds really popped! Your name for the camera-on-the-stick technique is so accurate and sooo... funny! Also, next time, I must try your food shot technique.

jalna said...

Howzit Shun-Wah. I had a polarizer on for all the outdoor shots. I tried to remember to take if off while we were indoors.

jalna said...

Erick, thanks so much for inviting me and for being our driver. I totally had a blast, and you know what . . . in the company of good friends, the wait in line for shave ice didn't even seem that long.

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, my favorite place in all of Oahu, the North Shore!! My husband loves it too and when we've been home, we've spent a lot of time out there. On one of trips we spent a couple of hours or more watching the kids rowing their canoes and doing their exercising on the beach. And of course shave ice is a must when visiting the North Shore. We were home Thanksgiving 2004 and had Thanksgiving dinner at one of the restaurants out there. Don't remember the name of it, I don't think it was where you all had lunch. Your pictures are fantastic!