Monday, February 9, 2009

Cy's Moi

Here are a couple of my brother's "fishing tales":

I caught these 2 moi at you know where but don't tell anyone =O. It was summer 07 using oama for bait trying to catch papio. When I caught the first one I was like wow sooooo lucky =) . Then I caught the second one. I was like oh right I going score like 10 more. But that was it for that day.

I remember fishing at you know where one day using yozuri lures. Live oama is the best bait, but wasn't oama season. I started fishing at 5: 30 am not even one nibble, so I started to walk in. I guess was about 7 am with the tide rising. I was right by the shore. I thought one more cast before I go home. Then bang, papio one after another. Everytime I threw out the lure one more papio. I kept looking around hoping no one would see me catching all this fish. But I was the only one fishing that day. I caught 16 that day. All about 1 lb, 2 lbs. Just think if I never throw out that one cast before going home.

My brother Cy and his rare moi catch.


Erick said...

Those are some big moi! Tell him to take me to his fishing spot. He can blindfold me.

susie said...

Neat stories. You and you're brother could pass for twins!!!