Monday, February 23, 2009

Koko Crater Botanical Garden

After our kite-flying excursion Erick wanted to check out the Koko Crater Botanical Garden which was nearby. He was also hungry so we stopped off at the Queen's Beach Restaurant at the Hawaii Kai Golf Course first.

Erick had the Loco Moco. He said it was really good.
I had the saimin with gyoza. I was surprised when it came to see that the gyoza was fried! I was also surprised that it was really ono. The broth was very tasty and it had that curly-kine noodles that I like. It was kinda cheap too. Our total bill was about 15 bucks.
When we got out of the restaurant we were shocked to see that it had rained. Here's a shot of some water drops on a glass tabletop. I could've stayed there for days trying to get a good picture, but I was embarrassed by the golfers watching me so I just took two quick shots.
The garden was pretty colorless compared to the last time I was there, so all I got were these prehistoric looking plants.
At least there was this peacock at the entrance. He had the grandest plumage I've ever seen.


Erick said...

Great photos, the food looks so ONO! I like the peacock and weird plants too. Awesome shooting.

jalna said...

Hey Erick you goofball, the food WAS ono! I still can't get over the fact that I can take close-up shots of food with my 16-35mm wide angle lens. And Erick thanks for the "awesome shooting" compliment, but in this case it was not the shooting but the post processing.

Betty Townsend said...

I never knew there was a botantical garden at Koko Crater. I imagine it's always been there, never knew it though. Your saimin looks so ono and Erick's Loco Moco as well. The water drops on the glass table is so cool!! They look like glass too. :)

SW said...

It is so you to find something like water droplets on a table to take closeup photos...very awesome! You've found new and cool ways to use the wide angle lens!

jalna said...

Shun-Wah, you should have seen 'um. They were so neat looking. I wish now that I didn't get so shame about taking the pictures.