Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two-Wheel Scooter

My sister Sweetie wrote the following. Charles is her son.

47-year-old moms have no business riding their 10-year-old son's scooter at full speed. I was on my way to the beach to meet the in-laws for a swim at Ala Moana beach. I get out of my drive way and safely made it across the intersection. I pushed as hard as I could, one, two, three...... to find the front of the scooter finding its way into a 8-inch pot hole and me flying 6 ft into the air to land on my chin, nose, elbow and knees. I lay there for 10 long seconds before a car pulls up and a man gets out of his car to ask me if I'm ok. I slowly get up and say give me a few minutes, I'll be ok. He says then you best get over to the sidewalk. Gee thanks dude. I taste blood in my mouth and I'm starting to sweat. I have a hole in my palm and my toe feels like its gonna fall off. My elbow is all scratched up and my knees hurt. I wonder if I busted my nose 'cause I heard what I thought was cartilage crunching, but it must have been the asphalt grinding under my chin; my nose hurts but it's still in one piece. The guy drives up and stops ... I tell him I have a phone and will call someone.

I call Charles and tell him I've fallen and if he could come and pick me up off the sidewalk. He had bandages, neosporin and a hand cleanser ready for me. He supported me all the way home.

Next time, I better take the bike. I think my face will be bruised tomorrow; good thing I took the day off. What was I thinking.


Leslie's pics said...

that soooo sounds exactly like something I would do!!! Except Randy wouldn't be as understanding...he would probably be laughing his you-know-what off!!!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, dear, I hope your sister is ok, Jalna. We do seem to fall harder as we get older. :) Tell her to think about some safer traveling mode the next time. :)

jalna said...

Les: So funny! I told her next time she should drive.