Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Julie's Dduk-Gook

Co-worker Julie brought this for lunch the other day. I tasted it and it was sooooo ono. She said it's called dduk-gook and they usually eat it for New Year's.
Rice cake (sliced): leave in cold water for about 30 minutes
Beef brisket or rib eye (ground or thin sliced - season with sesame oil, salt, pepper, green onion, garlic)
Egg (beaten)
Green onion (thin sliced)
Korean seasoned nori (break and put into soup before eating)
Soy sauce and sesame oil seasoning

1. spray some PAM or put sesame oil in pot to cook prepared beef
2. pour water into the pot, boil, season with salt or soy sauce
3. put sliced rice cake, cook until it's tender
4. pour beaten egg into soup, DONE
5. garnish with prepared seaweed and thin sliced green onion
6. enjoy your soup!

Thanks for the recipe, Julie!


Betty Townsend said...

Very interesting recipe. Looks good and its easy to put together, huh!

jalna said...

Betty: I know, it's just my style of recipe. . . simple.

Unknown said...

I like all the food and recipes that you post on your blog. All those food and you still look gorgeous as always. After I have the baby. I am going to ask you your secret of staying beautiful. Visa

Dd said... that what the Korean Nori is for...not for just eating all 3 packs in one sitting while watching can cook with it !! ;o}

jalna said...

Hey Visa, thanks for stopping by!! I've been enjoying your site as well. Keep me posted on baby's arrival!

jalna said...

Didi: The worse is, I cannot just eat the nori. I eat it with choke rice!