Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mochi Cream from Shirokiya

For Valentine's Day Wendell bought me Mochi Cream from Shirokiya. Cute, yeah.

Green Soybean Daifuku

Sweet Potato Daifuku
Raspberry Mille Fulle
Kurogoma Kinako Daifuku
White Chocolate
Sakura Daifuku


SW said...

Yummy!! What did you use as a back drop for these pics? It has a really nice blue glow that made it look really cool..like it's in a showcase. Great food shots..as usual!

Erick said...

Looks so ONO!

jalna said...

Shun-wah, I was soooo surprised with that "glow" look too. I put the mochi on a black wooden serving plate and put the plate on the bed in our bedroom. The morning light is coming in from the window behind and reflecting off the black plate! I was so not expecting that. I wish you were my neighbor. We would have so much fun together.

Betty Townsend said...

Yummy!! They look good enough to eat! :) Enjoy!!

RosaMaría said...

Qué bonitas fotos. Congratulaciones