Monday, March 15, 2021

Macro Photographs

My extension tube arrived on schedule, and although it took a bit of getting used to and several moments of frustration, I finally got the hang of it and decided that she go.


Here are my photos using the tube.  Learning how to use it reminded me of the challenges of getting good pictures and why I love being a wannabe photographer. 


Anonymous said...

amazing photos. I especially like the one of the rusted grate.
you really should think of framing these and selling. recoup your equipment costs:)

Anonymous said...

Yup, You got this. Awesome.
Bonny ogg

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful photography. So clear and crisp.


K and S said...

wow! super close up yeah!

ricqueo said...

Aloha Jalna.....just wanted to share that the macro photographs are really stunning!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Whoa - like National Geographic!

jalna said...

V, thanks. That grate came in handy for the picture. LOL.

Bonny, LOL, thank you.

Izsmom, I do love clear and crisp.

Kat, and I had to get super close to get the shot with a very narrow window of sharpness. That's what I had to get used to. For sure no macro lizard shots with this set up.

Awwww Ricqueo, thank you!

Aunty, I wish!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pics made me think I shouldn’t take anything for granted no matter what it is !! Lol! Really nice pics!

jalna said...

Anon, LOL, thanks!