Friday, November 1, 2019

Hiyamugi Noodles

Did you know that there's a Japanese noodle that is thicker than somen but not as thick as udon? It's called Hiyamugi. 

It's the package on the right.

Here's a closeup of both so that you can see the difference.

It's not as fragile as somen and takes a skosh bit longer to cook.

I boil it for around 3 to 4 minutes. Sometimes I put it in my Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup instead of the pho noodles. 


Susan said...

I love. noodles! I have a Somen recipe and if I mess up for cooking time and it’s over cooked then it’s bleh. That thicker noodle might be better to use.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that! Thanks for sharing. Learn something new everyday.


K and S said...

I like cooking somen because it is fast!

Mark Shelby said...

I have neva figured out dat noodle thing. But I know spaghetti is not da same ting! ; )

jalna said...

Susan, somen noodles cook so fast that yah, it can be ruined if not paying attention.

Izsmom, it works out good in soup.

Kat, I agree!

Mark, LOL.

Kay said...

Hmmmm... looking good.

Leslie's pics said...

oh i wonder if it's as good as the one Michele used to get. I can't find it anymore (the one in the blue package). Maybe I'll try this one now