Sunday, November 17, 2019

Unusual Produce at the Swap Meet

Sorry to be neglecting this blog. Nothing interesting to post lately.

I decided to at least take these photos at the swap meet for you. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what these are.








Anonymous said...

I’ve seen some of these but don’t remember the names and of course have no idea how to cook it. But, the V. Apple, my parents would talk about eating that when they were younger, then one day a few years ago my cousin’s neighbor asked my husband if he wanted some Wi Apple and she shared with us. We ate it until and was ok, maybe should have waited til was ripe. LOL Here is an article about Wi.


Honolulu Aunty said...

I think the 3rd picture is of banana flower and the last picture are bags of west indian pea flowers. How to use them? I have no idea.

Susan said...

I know what these are. 1. Patola is a spong gourd-can cook in sari sari or another Filipino veggie dish with fried fish and other veggies. 2. Taro stems are cooked with coconut milk. 3. Banana heart/blossoms also cooked in soupy dishes or kare kare. 4. Looks like sineguelas or Spanish plum. It has a big seed inside but if ripe what little flesh it has can be sweet but tart if not ripe. 5. Santol -cut it around the middle (not all the way through) and open and you’ll see this whitish creamy segments. It has a black seed in each segment. You suck the white creamy part and if ripe it’s sweet, if not ripe it’s sour. 6. Katuray/katuday is an edible flower cooked in soupy dishes with other veggies or blanch and make a salad with vinegar, ginger, onions & tomatoes. This grows in my dad’s “ranch”.

K and S said...

wow all kinds of stuff! I think one of your photos was the banana flower

jalna said...

Izsmom, there was an older man selling the V, and he said that back in the day when they had no money that's the only fruit they had to eat.

Aunty, thanks. Try read Susan's comments below.

Wow Susan, thanks! I always wondered about no. 6. It doesn't really look edible to me.

Kat, there's also a corn that's wrapped in cellophane which is a big seller. I finally bought one. I didn't like it. It was boiled too long to me and was very starchy tasting. I took one bite and threw it away.

gracie said...

this must be a filipino seller :) i grew up eating all of these! loved the katuray (last picture) in a salad, the banana heart in a coconut milk soup, delicious santol... yummy!

jalna said...

Gracie, the pictures were from several different sellers. Now I know it's a filipino kind of thing. LOL.

Kay said...

I wonder what they do with those banana flowers.

Leslie's pics said...


jalna said...

Kay, according to the comments, it looks like they're used in soupy dishes.

Les, so different yah.