Sunday, November 3, 2019

Ressie's Kusina

Da sistahs and I were in Kaneohe yesterday to check out the First Presbyterian Church's annual bazaar. The bazaar was HAYUGE. 

The spacious parking lot was jam packed. We heard that before they opened the doors, the line of people waiting to get in had extended way out to the parking area.

There was a rummage sale, craft items, jams and jellies, baked goods, plants, as well as food to eat on site. We were totally impressed.

But the best best best best thing of the day was accidentally finding Ressie's Kusina. Ressie is the chief (and only) cook and her son Jun tends the counter. 

The food was SO ONO. This place would totally become our go-to place for filipino food if only it were closer to town. Waaaaahhh!










We ordered Pinakbet and Squash with Pork. 

Lechon Kawali

Shrimp Sarciado

Suman and Banana Lumpia


Anonymous said...

You making me hungry! Looks so delicious.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Yum!!! My mouth is watering!

Mark Shelby said...

That all looks so good! I'll take 1 mini plate! ; )

I always enjoyed checking out mom and pop restaurants. My favorite was Massu's Massive Plate Lunch. I always got the Lau Lau Plate. Next was Mommas Mexican Food. Back in the early 1980's Mommas was about the only Mexican food you could get on Oahu. Before I found Mommas I always made my Mexican food at home. It was almost impossible to find salsa in the stores.

Kalin's Mommy said...

My part of town! We like it there too!

K and S said...

everything looked great!

Anonymous said...

my boss has a farm out in Kahaluu and he found this place too. He is always raving about it and says it's the best Filipino food too!

jalna said...

Izsmom, LOL, I want more now too!

Aunty, too bad so far yah.

Mark, great memories!

Mich, you so lucky.

Kat, tasted awesome.

V, he's right . . . the best!!

Kay said...

Yummmm... Kankane? I love those mochi in banana (?) ti (?) leaves. I haven't seen them in such a long time.

Susan said...

I need some Filipino food about now, after a week of Osaka food!

Myko said...

Wished we had more Filipino restaurants besides Golden Coin in town.

Leslie's pics said...

oooh i'm gonna tell Randy about this place, i'm sure he's gonna wanna go!-

jalna said...

Kay, their's is so good.

Susan, so lucky you went Osaka!!!

Myko, me too.

Les, I HIGHLY recommend it. We liked it so much we went back again the following week.