Thursday, October 31, 2019

Pho Time

Sometime last week I went back to Pho Time in Niu Valley and got some takeout. Everything was good, but special mention needs to be made about the calamari. The crispy coating was perfectly done and made it outstanding. 

Calamari ($11.00)

Combo Baguette ($8.00)

Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi ($8.00)

Spring Roll and Pork Sausage Vermicelli ($13.75)


Anonymous said...

everything looks so ono!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious, and the calamari does look crunchy and not greasy! Yummy 😋


Leslie's pics said...

uuuu everything looks so gooood!

K and S said...

everything looks good!

Anonymous said...

oh wow wow - lots sooooo good and the prices are fab! I talked to one of our new residents wo is Vietnamese and very devote Buddhist vegetarian and told her she can cook anything for me any time. She said yes! I'm looking forward. Eh, when come to food, I no shame. I ask/beg anybody! -N

jalna said...

V, the calamari was the best.

izsmom, yesssss.

Les, was!

Kat, we enjoyed it.

N, hahahahaha, me too!!

Susan said...

I love a good calamari!

Mark Shelby said...

Did you get a discount Auntie?

Or is it jus small portions? ... ; )

Looks awesome!

Annie said...

I'm hungry!

jalna said...

Ooooh Susan, me too!

Mark, LOL, no discount.

Annie, LOL.

Kay said...

Yuuuuummmmm.... I love the calamari! I need to try to remember this place for when my kids are here next year... Ahhh... I'll add it to my calendar.