Monday, November 4, 2019

Paw Pad Grips

Kona's been having difficulty getting up from the floor lately. Our vet recommended trying some paw pad traction grips. 

I got these from Amazon.  They were $23.65.  The unrealest thing was that I ordered them on Friday evening and they came on Sunday morning. Howzdat yah!!!

They are self-stick and come with a peel-off backing. You have the option to use it whole or cut to fit each pad.

I decided to try cutting them. 

For a dog who doesn't like new things, Kona has adjusted well.

It seems to be helping, but unfortunately, after this morning's walk through some wet ground, some of the pieces have started to come off already. I still think it's worth it though.


Kay said...

Amazon does seem to be coming faster and faster these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gotta try for our 15 yr old Rozie. She has difficulty getting up too, especially her hind legs. Thank you for sharing this.


K and S said...

sounds like a great product, glad it helps Kona!

jalna said...

Kay, it's so amazing.

Izsmom, Kona's hind legs too. Hope it helps.

Kat, I'm so glad that the vet mentioned it.

Susan said...

Things ppl think of to help our furry family members!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Holy smokes, that's a great idea! It looks so cute!

jalna said...

Susan, I agree!

Mich, I'm finding pieces all over the house now. LOL!

Myko said...

Have you heard about CBD oils for animals. Friend has used it on her horses.

jalna said...

Thanks Myko. I'll go check it out.

Leslie's pics said...

so cute! I wonder if mattie would want that

jalna said...

Les, they don't stay on long. Gotta keep replacing. Now we got area rugs all over the place. LOL.