Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One Dollah Watches

It's so good fun to go to the swap meet and look for $1 watches. And then it's even more fun when I take them home and fuss around with them. 

The third watch from the right below is a Seiko and is the best find in this batch. It's very well made and is going to coworker Penny.

The left-most watch is a Winnie the Pooh watch. It's in really good shape because it was kept in a plastic bag and actually still has a protective plastic cover on top of the watch face.

The Totoro watch in the middle made me gasp when I found it. On further inspection though I found that it's made in China and is poorly constructed. I had to glue parts of the band together to prevent it from further falling apart. Still, when I put a battery in, it worked! So I will totally be wearing this watch . . . just because it's so cuuuute. 


I found the batch of watches below in another swap meet outing. The Japanese character watch on the left went to coworker TJ. 

I've been off-and-on wearing the Minnie Mouse watch. The band was all bust-up so I went to Walmart and found a replacement band for $8. 

The watch on the right says "Memento". Did you see that movie? It's a very, very cool movie about a guy with short-term memory loss. The movie starts from the end of the story and, in segments, works its way to the beginning.  You feel lost all the time, trying to figure out what's going on . . . as if you have short-term memory loss . . .  just like the main guy. 

I paid $2 for this Hello Kitty watch and got all P.O.'d when I got home and saw that the band was broken. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

Scores! Even the one that had a broken band. Try sell 'em on eBay!

K and S said...

nice stash!

Leslie's pics said...

So cute the totoro watch! I thought that Memento watch was pretty neat too. I think your person is getting fatter...but still cute!!

Susan said...

Wow! Great $1 buys!!

jalna said...

Aunty, I wish I was more ambitious, but I'm too lazy.

Thanks Kat.

So cute yah, Les. Unfortunately, I AM getting fatter . . .

Fun yah, Susan.

Mark Shelby said...

Don't forget to look for a Waltham! ; )

jalna said...

I will, Mark.

Annie said...

Hi Jalna! I had so much Fun reading about all your adventures while I was sick these last couple days (ohhh plz don't get it, it's miserable). I'm wondering if I can pay you to replace my batteries? Lmk!!!

jalna said...

Hi Annie! Hope you're feeling better! Sorry, but I don't think you'd want me to work on your watches. I'm brutal trying to pry the backs off. I wedge an eyeglass screwdriver in the crack and bang it with a small hammer. I usually end up putting nicks and scratches on the backs. Plus, the batteries that I bought to use are cheap made in China kine that were $5 for 80. They probably won't last long.

Wendell takes his watches to Hawaii Watch Service Center in Chinatown. The guy charges Wendell around $6 to replace the battery. If you turn left onto King from River Street, it's on the left hand side. It doesn't look like a watch repair store. It has bags for sale hanging outside.