Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kahai Street Kitchen

Around dinnertime this past Friday me and Wendell were just putzing around . . . I think I was on the computer and Wendell was watching TV.  I walked into the kitchen and noticed nothing was happening so I said that I could make some Mi Goreng. He said nah, how about we go to Kahai Street Kitchen. I said, "Wow."

It was around 7:15 pm when we got there, and they close at 7:30 pm. The menu selection was huge, so of course, I started pressuring out. I was gonna go for something like what Wendell chose, but at the last minute I changed my mind.

Here's Wendell's combination plate ($10.25). Garlic chicken and hamburger steak. He chose mac salad to go with it. 

This is my Grilled Chicken Provencal ($9.25). I chose toss salad.

Now I know what all the hype is about . . . SOOOOOO ONO!!!! I would totally go back again . . . but Wendell gotta drive. Parking is horrendous. We sneaked and parked in the First Hawaiian Bank parking lot. 


Unknown said...

MMMMMMM. Looks scrumptious. All I have for lunch today is a baloney sandwich.

jalna said...

Ooohhh Lorna, you just reminded me of my favorite after school snack . . . fried baloney sandwich . . . with cheese if we had.

Susan said...

Wow, that chicken you ordered looks sooo good! Businesses these days just don't have enough parking for their establishment huh? Even here!

Anonymous said...

J: WOW looks so ono. Too bad too far away for me to go. But then I'd be there daily so maybe that's a good thing! -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

SOOO good, yeah, Jalna? I call it first class food with plate lunch prices.

If you like crab, the crab crusted mahimahi is good (but I no like crab).

Their Korean Cobb salad is DA bomb - sorta healthy but so delicious it doesn't taste healthy.

Last time I was there, one lady told me the brisket sandwich is super good. Maybe next time.

Don't get their prime rib - it's okay but junk once it cools off.

I LOVE their chicken provencal. I think it used to be better but it is still ono ono ono.

btw, I used to love bologna sandwiches too. Haven't had one in decades! With mayonnaise on white bread, yum!

Leslie's pics said...

wow the pictures look even better all big on the computer!! I like go now!!

K and S said...

was worse when they were in kalihi, you had to go with someone, so they could jump out to pick up the food while you drive around waiting for somewhere to park/pick them up

Chet Colson said...

I been hearing good things about this place from one of my employees at work.
Need to put it on our bucket list. I see they have brown rice, food looks yum.

jalna said...

Even there, Susan! I'm surprised.

Maybe one day when you come to town, N. You just gotta drive a little further.

Aunty, your description is spot on . . . like fine dining food.

Go try, Les!

Ho da hard, Kat. Reminds me of Monarch's. I looooove their Panko-Crust Crab-Stuffed Ahi (dunno the real name), but no can find parking so I rarely get to eat it.

I think you're gonna like it, Chet!

Myko said...

I live like five minutes away. Love that place.

jalna said...

My mom lives in the area too, Myko. She lives across the fire station.

mmiissee said...

Wendells plate look so mouth watering.

jalna said...

Mmiissee, I sneaked bites of his, and it was veeeery ono!

Dd said...

wow....kinda far to go for impromptu dinner huh ??

jalna said...

Really yah, Dd!