Saturday, October 2, 2010


Pacer is Leslie's friend. We went to Pali Hongwanji today to shoot some pictures. I took choke shots but only these came out. Check out Leslie's pics and make sure you scroll to the bottom to see my very professional setup.



Tricked you. This is not Pacer. I opened up my umbrella and fussed around while waiting at Les' house. I liked how this one came out.


Les said...

awww man...I hope mines turn out decent! I still wanna see the rest, I know they all came out good!

Les said...

WHATDAHELLL?? That pic sooo does not belong there. Your pics came out sooo nice. I'm extremely jellos, and frustrated! I just don't get it. whhhhyyyy???

jalna said...

Les, most of my pics didn't come out. That off-camera flash thing is sooo hard. We just gotta keep practicing. And I liked your picture so I had to throw it in.

Yosh808 said...

Haha...was the pic of Les from today? Bwahaha...looking good considering the night before. Haha!

Erick said...

Great shot of Les!

Betty Townsend said...

Hey, great photos! I especially love the one of Les!! Glad you included it. :)

jalna said...

Yosh, she went take one nap dat's why.

Thanks Erick! I held the umbrella/flash in my left hand and shot with my right . . . so professional yah!

Thanks Betty!