Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Mom is a

I just discovered this site tonight and since I don't have anything to post, here's a link:

My Mom is a FOB
Messages from your FOBBY mom

Here are some samples:

With iPhone in hand my mother she provides joy with her texting skills. It’s actually kind of cute but extremely frustrating when you are pressed for time.

Me: Coming to ur house now. Do you want McDonald’s?
Mom: Dad ya.
Me: What does he get? i’m in the drive in…i can’t remember…hurry
Mom: Merphin w Dosage*
Me: What?

Merphin w Dosage = Muffin w Sausage

When I was updating my mom on my gay friend Drew she got a bit confused:

Me: Yea, Drew is dating someone now.
Mom: So who Drew date?
Me: My other friend, Aswin.
Mom: Oh… (silence)
Mom: Aswin gay too?

My parents are throwing a Chinese banquet as a 2nd reception to my wedding. This is an email from my mom, encouraging me to find out if there will be more guests from my fiance’s side.

Dear Sam,

Talk to Steven and his parents, see if they have any more relatives and close friends want to invite to the wedding banquet on Sunday. Please feel free to let me know. It’s our horror for them to come to celebrate on your wedding.



mmiissee said...

That was soooo funny.
Good one!

Erick said...

Ha, ha, ha, Moms you got to love them for trying! My Dad won't even give it a thought.

jalna said...

Glad you enjoyed it mmiissee.

I know Erick, some of those just cracked me up!

Les said...


Unknown said...

HAHAHA!! Your mom soo cute! So funny!!

jalna said...

C, hah?