Monday, October 4, 2010

Mama Woo's Bar-B-Q

Mama Woo's used to be in Hawaii Kai by Costco, but about 2 years ago they moved to Windward Mall. Now they're on King Street just before McCully Bike. I was so happy when I saw them there on my way home from work one day. Now I can enjoy their ono food again.


Meat Jun ($7.95)

BBQ Chicken ($7.50)

Chicken Katsu ($7.50)

Loco Moco ($7.75)

Mama's Special ($9.50)



My Setup (Priceless). Hey, was too dark in the house.


K and S said...

everything looks so good! I'm glad they came back to the "town" side of the island :)

jalna said...

I'm glad too, Kat.

SW said...

wow..that's some ghetto setup alright.. food looks good..I saw them on TV this morning and was wondering where they I know..thanks for sharing.

Les said...

hahaha! so brave! Mick and Mattie would've been all over that in a second!

So funny you posted this. I drove past there today after work and I noticed it. The first thing I thought of was "is this Dr. Woo's mom's place??" hahahaa!

food looks yummy!

jalna said...

Shun Wah, you'e welcome. Didn't know they were on TV.

Les, Kona was with me, but he didn't even touch the food. So good boy, yeah.

Erick said...

Yum! Looks so ONO.

jalna said...

Go try um, Erick!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, YUM!! Love your photo props...couldn't find that in a Sears catalog. hahahaha!!! Whatever works, huh.

jalna said...

Hahaha, Betty. That laundry basket is so versatile!

Randism said...

mmmmm... looks ono! i mean, oh no! after eating dare, i going look like kunishiki!!! waaaaaa!

by da way, does the menu say "moiliili"? i tot it wuz makiki?!?

jalna said...

Wow Rand you get good eyes. I had to hunt for "Moiliili" on the menu. You know what, I kinda don't know the difference between Moiliili, McCully and Makiki.

Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG, I wondered where they went since Windward Mall! I love her meat jun and oyster jun.

jalna said...

They're still there Mich. She's doing good . . . always seem to be busy.