Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cy's Aku Poke

My brother Cy made this for my family. It smelled ono, but unfortunately I don't eat raw fish. Cy said that some people prefer ahi but he claims that aku is the BEST for sashimi and poke, and that dried aku is way better then dried ahi. He said that aku has only one grade. He bought the aku (whole) for $2.95 lb. He said that ahi can be anywhere from $3.95 to $30.95 per lb.

Here are all the ingredients that he used minus the Molokai limu. He used up all the limu before I took this picture.

1. Fresh aku
2. Alae salt (made with Hawaiian red clay)
3. Inamona (kukui nut)
4. Maui onion
5. Sesame oil
6. Molokai limu
7. Limu kohu

8. Fresh Thai chili pepper from Kapahulu garden (Diem's mom's house)

Must be you gotta eyeball everything cause he nevah give me amounts.


Randism said...

mmmmmm. looks ono! (by da way, did u notice a new eating place on piikoi? diagonally across the old blockbuster store; looks like one japanese place....)

Erick said...

Ooh da ono! If you don't eat your poke can I have it? Thanks.

jalna said...

Hmmmm . . . new Japanese place? No, I didn't know about it.

Sorry, Erick, I think it's all gone.

mmiissee said...

I love poke....looks really good! Now, I'm craving for some

Les said...

oooh looks good...I can't believe you eat all kinds of goofy stuff but not raw fish?? whatsamatterwithyou?? You don't know what you're missing! That's ok, more for me! I trade you...shrimp for sashimi :)

jalna said...

Mmiissee, it looked good to me too.

Les, I wish I could eat it, especially poke cause it smells good. But it's the texture that just turns me off. Hey wait a minute . . . what kine goofy stuff?? Hahahaha. Me and Wendell just ate at Hana Sushi in Hawaii Kai. I thought of you. They have a new conveyor belt thing. I had my camera with me BUT NO CF CARD!!!! So irritating!

Les said...

hahahaha...welcome to my world! I thought you were gonna say that when you ate the sushi it reminded you of me...but nooooo, it had to be something lolo like forgetting to put the damn CF card in your camera! Now everyone will know how much of a donkey i am!!

Betty Townsend said...

YUM! (minus the chili pepper for me). I love dry aku!! I can get ahi poke from Oto's Market in the south part of Sacramento. Gerry loves it...I don't eat it because of the hot chili peppers they put in it.

jalna said...

Les, I meant the sushi reminded me of you, you donkey. Hahahahaha!!

jalna said...

Betty, that's neat that you can get poke there. Too bad about the chili peppers.