Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Japanese Snacks from 7-Eleven

On kamado-pickup day, me and CQ dropped into the 7-Eleven Store on Nuuanu by Kawananakoa School to pick up some refreshments. Right inside the door was a stand full of these Japanese snacks. I was like, "Oh oh oh . . . look . . . look!" I grabbed a bunch of stuff. Excited as I was to buy the snacks, I didn't get to bust it out until today.

This is the Crunch Chocolate. I thought it was gonna be like a mini brownie.
But it was more like an oversized Coco Puff . . . small-kine disappointing.
This is the Dried Cuttlefish.
It was pretty fishy tasting, just a little spicy, a little bit too dry.
This is the Crispy Double Cheese snack.
It turned out to be Marvin's favorite.
This Sesame Cookie Stick was probably the most boring of all the snacks.
It was not bad, just okay, a little on the sweet side.
This Chocolate Puff Stick was my favorite.
Individually wrapped . . .
chocolate on the outside . . .
hollow, light and crispy on the inside.

Daikon Update: Good News: The daikon is still radishy-bitter, but is beginning to absorb the flavor of my pickling liquid. Bad News: The room where I have the daikon pickling is smelling like fart . . . and the daikon is in the 'fridge!


K and S said...

lol...I guess it is like how the Koreans need a separate refridge for their kim chee??

jalna said...

OMG Kat. We have an enclosed garage, and that's where the fridge with the daikon is, so it's not in the main house area. As soon as I walked into that room tonight, I was like *sniff* *sniff* "Sheeze, is that the daikon?" My son goes, "Yup".

Les said...

payback for the icemaker.

p.s...what a beautiful hand model! hahahahaaaa

Randism said...

juss got back from my trip n i had to check out your blog; my favorite is da shots of da bikes! pretty awesome! ;-)

Betty Townsend said...

Funny!! I'm sorry your daikon is stinking up your garage! hahahaha!! The snacks look good, sounds like most of them were a disappointment!!

jalna said...

Les . . . don't say that bad word . . . and yes, beautiful hands!

Rand, did you check out Erick's? I'm soooo jealous. Maybe next time you can come with us.

Betty, I hope the smell goes away soon . . . or does it get worse?