Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Ito Kids

I went to help Les take pictures of coworker Anne's family today. Here are Anne's kids.

This is Natalie.
Kawana'ao, affectionately known as Brother.
Baby Jonah


Betty Townsend said...

Good looking kids!!

Les said...

sooo cute that picture of Natalie! She's adorable when she's in a good mood yah? :)

Your pics probably came out better than mines...soo funny some of them, I'll post them later on today

jalna said...

Betty, they are so cute. Don't forget to check Les' blog later for her pics.

Les, Nat's picture is majorly cropped. She was the only one looking at the camera. Most of my photos are blooper material . . . not many keepers.

Erick said...

Oh da Cute! I really like the kid sitting on the tree roots and the little kid on his dad's lap. You and Les are terrific kid's shooter. Nice shooting!

jalna said...

Erick, my job was rubbah chicken squeeker . . . and I did a crappy job.