Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kona and the Rubber Chicken

I spent 4 bucks on this rubber chicken for Kona.
He looked at it like this.
He didn't like it.
He tried to ignore it.
He didn't even want to touch it.
What's wrong with it anyway? It looks like a fun thing to me.
So anybody want a rubber chicken? Only $3.50.


Les said...

hahahaha!!!! Poor Kona, maybe he was scared of it...I should buy it for Mattie except that he'll tear the darn thing apart in 2 minutes!

jalna said...

He was definitely scared of it. He's such a chicken (hahaha). Just the slightest touch caused it to squeek. Just carrying it in the plastic bag would make it go squeek, squeek, squeek.

Betty Townsend said...

Poor boy! He's wondering what this foreign alien thing is doing in his yard! How funny!! He is a beautiful dog!!

susie said...

Looks scary to me too.Maybe he just wants the real thing!!!

Dd said...

Welll....it looks dead.....REALLY DEAD !!!