Monday, March 23, 2009

Cruising in Kapahulu

I took my car in to Ernest at Kapahulu Auto Repair for service this morning. If you ever need somebody to fix your car Ernest is a really good mechanic and is very, very trustworthy.

It's right next to Waiola Shave Ice so I had to buy one, right? This is an azuki bowl with mochi balls - $4.
I dropped off my car at 9 in the morning, and most of the places in Kapahulu weren't open until about 11:00 so me and my mom ended up walking to Sekiya's Restaurant. My mom ordered a saimin/hamburger combination and asked them to cut the hambuger in half so that we could share it.
This is how they "halved" it. We had a good laugh about that. Of course, my mom picked the smaller half for herself.
This is Sheng, owner of Aloha BBQ. They just opened up about 1 1/2 months ago. It's next to Ono Hawaiian Food where Kapahulu Chop Suey used to be.
I ordered this family package to take home for tonight's dinner. It came with barbeque chicken, kalbi, mochiko chicken, crispy gau gee, mac salad and rice. It's enough to feed 5 people and costs about $25. Cheap yeah, and it turned out to be very ono.
When I told Sheng that it was gonna be for dinner later on, he offered to cook everything later and then drop it off at my house in Hawaii Kai! I declined the offer, but so nice, yeah.


Betty Townsend said...

Jalna, you are going to make me cry. My grandmother (my mom's mom and the only grandmother I knew) lived in Kapahulu on Palani Street between Kapahulu Ave and Date St. We use to go to Kapahulu Chop Suey alot. Where grandma's house was is now an apartment building. If I remember correctly, grandma's house was like 2 or 3 houses down from the chop suey place on the same side of the street on Palani. There were 2 houses on the property and between the two houses was this huge Hayden mango tree. Different members of the family lived in the big house including my mother after she and my dad were divorced. Grandma lived in the cottage behind. We lived in that tree during mango season and would get the most horrendous stomach aches!! LOL! And Sekiya's, well that was a hangout when I was at Kaimuki High my sophmore, junior and start of my senior year. Such fond, fond memories of that whole area!! You and Les are such a blessing, keeping the memories alive in the pictures you take of our home!!

jalna said...

Wow Betty, if I get the chance maybe I'll try and get some shots of Palani Street next time I'm in the area. It's so funny that you mentioned living in a mango tree during mango season 'cause I used to practically live in my neighbor's lychee tree during the summers. I could spend all day trying to pick the lychees. And I didn't have a real picker. I used a bamboo rake!! Hahaha.

Leslie's pics said...

Sekiya's?? Gee, what a surprise! hahaha! I can't believe the guy offered to bring your dinner home to you. Is that his payment for your free advertising? :)

Erick said...

I have to remember that place when I need service. The food shots look so ono. Great shots!

bebedeer said...

What happened to Kapahulu Chop Suey? I've been going there most of my life! I can't believe you walked to Sekiya's from Waiola Shave Ice. That's quite a hike.~ Fawn

jalna said...

I'm not sure how accurate my mom's info is, but if they used to be next to Ono Hawaiian Food, then it's not there any more and the Aloha BBQ is in its place. Would you believe after we ate at Sekiya's we walked back to pick up my car. My mom is in better shape than me.

Betty Townsend said...

If my memory is correct, Kapahulu Chop Suey was on the corner of Kapahulu Ave and a side street whose name I can't remember. Palani ran off of Kapahulu. It's one block long to Date Avenue. The Ala Wai Golf Course is across Date from Palani. Where the Ono Hawaiian Foods is now there use to be a Japanese Okazu place that we use to go to whenever we visited my grandmother. On the other corner of Palani and Kapahulu Avenue was a grocery store.