Monday, March 2, 2009

Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant

We had dinner last night with my dad's side of the family, the Kihara's, at the Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

The first course was Seafood Tofu Soup. It was really good and actually had a lot of shrimp, but by the time I realized that I should be taking pictures, this was all that was left of the soup.
This was the Shrimp and Chicken in Potato Basket, and again I almost missed the photo op. The people on my table (mostly my family) had to shout, "Hurry up, he's gonna bust up the basket!"
Sea Bass with Choi Sum. I was almost not gonna eat this 'cause "I don't really care for fish". I have to officially state now that that's not the case anymore. I must like fish now 'cause this was really good.
This Sizzling Beef was very tender and very tasty. I small-kine burnt my tongue 'cause it was kinda "sizzling" . . . duhhhh.
I think everybody loved this Crispy Chicken, especially the high-cholesterol crunchy skin part 'cause boy that went in a flash.
This is the Sweet and Sour Pork Chop. This was the only dish that had a few pieces left for us to "take home". Everything else got demolished.
House Special Noodle had that skinny-kine noodles that I like.
And finally the Almond Float, the perfect refreshing ending to an excellent meal.


Erick said...

It is now 10:51 at night same day as The Cheesecake Factory and you are making me hungry again. I am gaining weight just looking at your pictures. Looks so ONO! Great shooting!

OkiHwn said...

Awesome dinner!

Betty Townsend said...

Now these dishes are what Chinese food is suppose to be like, not the stuff that passes for Chinese food in the Chinese restaurants here. It all looks so ONO!!!! The beef dish looks like Korean beef bulgogi. YUM, YUM!