Sunday, March 29, 2009

Les in Action for the National Geographic Peeps Contest

Leslie's always up for a challenge and she couldn't resist trying to get shots to enter into the National Geographic's photo contest called Peeps in Places Photo Challenge. I totally had a blast being her assistant today. Check out her shots at her blog, Leslie's pics.

This spot was nice, but you couldn't see any water.
So we moved to here, but as you can tell by Les' hair it was way too windy and we couldn't keep our props from falling down.
I'm sure you've all seen photographers in this position while trying to keep their cameras steady. That's my mom in the background, by the way.
And I'm sure you've all come across this scene when you go to the beach.
Not to be distracted or anything, but this lifeguard stand caught my eye. I'd never seen anything like it before.
I lucked out 'cause the lifeguards came and I got to take pictures of them opening up their "office".


Les said...

Ho da embarassing!!! hahahaha!!! Thanks for your help! I hope we didn't bore your mom...I had fun!!

Betty Townsend said...

These are some great shots. I wondered how she got some of thos closeups. Now I know, hahaha! I guess for something that little, you have to lay on the sand. Is this Ala Moana? That lifeguard shack is pretty neat. New modern age design, huh!

SW said...

That looks like one hilarious shoot! How many boxes of peeps did you go thru? I think I'd probably eat half of them w/o getting a good shot! Great ideas! The Lifeguard Pod is sure weird. Looks like a very fun day!

jalna said...

Betty, it was at Ala Moana Beach. Shun-Wah,it was choke fun.

i-Observer said...

I love Peeps!!! I tried shooting Peeps before but somehow, I or someone else in the family end up eating them before I get to take their pictures. These are wonderful behind the scene shots.

jalna said...

foto.bongbong, that's sooo funny. Luckily the peeps ended up with sand stuck on them so they were safe from us eating them.