Friday, March 20, 2009

Marvin's Kinako Puff Quest

Marvin so enjoyed the Kinako Puff that coworker Susan shared with us last week that a couple of days ago he decided to go to Marukai to pick some up for himself, even though he had to initially fork out the $10 it costs just to become a buying member. When he got into the store though he just couldn't find it, and not knowing its real name or how to describe it accurately, he was forced to leave empty handed.

Marvin returned to Marukai today, but this time armed with the following photo on his iPhone, Susan's description of the packaging and high expectations. He even brought a friend along to share his treat with. Once again he entered the store. Once again he searched and he searched . . . but to no avail. He sought help. The clerk took one look at Marvin's iPhone photo and without hesitation told Marvin that what he was looking for was a very popular item which usually sells out really fast. They, in fact, have separate shelves just to display the puffs.

Imagine Marvin's disappointment. But . . . not to worry. The clerk informed Marvin that a shipment had just arrived and was at the Dillingham branch just waiting to be unpacked. So peoples, either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday, Marukai will have Kinako Puffs on their shelves for us to buy!
Here's Marvin with the closest thing to the Kinako Puffs that he could find today, Cheese-flavored Puffs . . . good, but not quite the same. And not to change the subject, but I just have to tell you this funny story. Marvin's brother, Marshall, also works with us. They look alike and more so, they sound exactly alike. We at work always confuse the two of them, calling Marvin, Marshall or Marshall, Marvin. Anyway, coworker Runa was talking to Marvin one day and got so confused she ended up calling him Martian instead. Funny, yeah.


Unknown said...

Sooo upset! Hahah! =(

jalna said...

I know, Marvin, I feel your pain. BUT, I do sense that sometime soon we will be successful.

Betty Townsend said...

Your little story about Marvin and his brother cracked me up. Jalna, are you going to get you some of those puffs. If you are, would you want to get some for me? I am happy to send you some money for them and send you my address. Let me know. Thank you.

jalna said...

Betty, I am as intent as Marvin is in getting some of those puffs for you and me. Cross your fingers!

Leslie's pics said...

So is Marvin upset about being called Martian or not being able to find his kinako thingies?? hahahaha!!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm not upset about being called a martian. When I worked at the Warner Bros. Store in Ala Moana, I had the following conversation answering a phone call:

"Aloha! Warner Brothers Studio Store Ala Moana. This is Marvin how may I help you?"

"Aww that's so cute! You have to answer like one of the characters. You do a really good job!"

"Ummm..actually we don't, my name really is Marvin..."

" you have Pokemon cards???"

DOH! Hahah!

Betty Townsend said...

Thank you, Jalna! Hope you and Marvin are successful! :) Let me know.

jalna said...