Monday, March 30, 2009


After our Peeps photo shoot yesterday, my mom was hungry for some pancakes, so Leslie suggested we try out Tango. I'm glad we took her advice.

Tango is next to P.F. Chang's on Ala Moana Boulevard.

My mom ordered this Hawaiian Isle Kona Blend Coffee, and boy was it strong. It was $1.95 including one refill. No one came with the refill, and I was kinda glad. I didn't think she needed another cup.
She also ordered this Blueberry Pancake with pure maple syrup ($7.50). She said it was really good, and it must've been 'cause she ate almost all of it.
I ordered the Swedish Pancakes with Fresh Fruit ($7.75). It came with whipped cream. I liked it.
This couple turned out to be sooo nice, that I wished I had asked for their permission to photograph their Loco Moco Eggs Benedict ($9.50). It really looked good and they said that it was. In fact, they said that they had come especially for it. When I mentioned to coworker CQ that my mom and I had gone there, the first thing she said was, "Did you try the Loco Moco?"


Erick said...

I love their food! For dinner they have these brasied short ribs, so ONO.

SW said...

It looks sooo good...and a really good price for breakfast too! ..Nice shots!

Betty Townsend said...

Your breakfast and your mom's looked fantastic! The best pancakes I've had back home was at Boots 'n Kimo's in Kailua with the macadamia syrup. Rich but oh so good!

jalna said...

Betty, my mom said the same thing about Boots 'n Kimo's. I've never been there.

Betty Townsend said...

Jalna, you need to go Boots 'n Kimo's. Its always crowded and there's usually a wait. Well worth it though. It's on one of the side streets behind the bowling alley. I don't remember streets. Les would probably know where it is exactly. There's another place in Kailua by the stream off of Kailua Road, don't remember the name. They make the best fried rice.