Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rubber-Stamped Cards

This post is especially for my blogging buddy Betty. She creates the most awesome rubber-stamped greeting cards. Betty lives in California. We've never met, but have become friends through the wonders of the Internet. Isn't that amazing! Anyway, these are what's left from my collection. I haven't made any new cards recently.

This is a kind of 3-dimensional card that I colored using colored pencils and blended with Mineral Spirits.
Brandee actually made this one. She used Dazzling Diamonds for the bling.
I love this flower stamp set. It's my sister Geri's. I borrowed it. I used a Stampin' Up lacy background stamp for the grayish background.
Here's a different version with another Stampin' Up background stamp.
The next three I created at a rubber stamping class that Leslie held.
This one I left unfinished so that I can stamp whatever sentiment I need on the bottom later. Either that or I just ran out of time 'cause I'm so slow.
A bigger vesion of this card was gonna be the wedding invitation for my son's wedding, but he and his fiancee broke up about 6 months before the wedding. I was really sad 'cause I really liked her. I still do. That's her pictures on the right - the second one where she's looking at the stingray and the eighth one where she's with her girlfriend's daughter. Pretty, yeah. I miss her, but it's for the best.


Betty Townsend said...

Oh, my goodness!!! Jalna, these are beautiful!!! I may have to CASE some of your layouts. LOL! I've used some of the same stamps. The birthday/candle one I made a card for one of the granddaughters. And the envelope w/flowers I used for a card that I made for a girl I use to work with. That card may be on my blog, in an early post, I'm not sure. Do you have a Facebook account? I created 3 albums on there of my cards. Well, you did to do this more often. They are awesome!! And thank you for posting them.

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, I meant to say too, its amazing how real to life your pictures are. With the right equipment and the know-how, you can tell what these really look like. I have a Canon Power Shot A510 camera and a Casio Exlim and I don't really know how to use them so my pictures don't come out like I want them too. My husband says I should take some classes to know how to use my cameras. :)

Erick said...

Cool cards, good color saturation. Great shooting?

jalna said...

I do have a Facebook account, but I don't go to it often enough, so I'm not sure how to maneuver about it. I have to rush off right now, but when I get back I'll work on getting to view your albums. If either of your cameras has a macro setting, you might want to try using that. Also flash photography is not usually too flattering on any subject. That's why sometimes I take stuff out to the hood of my car to photograph. Okay, bye, I'll be back soon.

blessed said...

OOOH! Jalna, what can I say?!!! You are THE artiste!!!! Not only is it evident in your images, it's also VERY obvious in your card creations! I have been a stamping demo'r for Stampin' Up for over 8 years and it took me a LONG time to develop my eye...I'm STILL working at it! Your cards are very beautiful and gotta keep it up, girl! What a gift! THANKS for sharing them with us on your blog!