Friday, January 30, 2009

Optical Illusion Dragon

I found a PDF file to create this dragon at the Grand Illusions website. There's also a short video clip there that you can click on that shows you what the illusion looks like. You close one eye as you stare at the dragon and move him around. As you twist him around or move him from side to side, you'll see his head move so that he can look at you.

In this first shot you can see that his head is pointing towards his right.

Now he's looking downward.

And here he's looking towards his left!!


Betty Townsend said...

This is wild! I watched the video, unreal! It's funny watching the people in your office try to figure it out! :)

Erick said...

Good way to make people close one eye and make a funny facse! Nice photos too!

jalna said...

Betty and Erick: I had a blast just watching my coworkers. Some could see it right away, and a few never were able to.

susie said...