Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gyotaku King Street Bento

I ordered bentos from Gyotaku on King Street today. I phoned in my order and the guy said it would be ready in about 20 minutes. When I got there I still had to wait another 20 minutes (in the sun)! It was good, except I totally lost money 'cause when I took everybody's orders I showed them an old menu with old prices . . . what a babooze . . . lose money.
No. 1 Chicken Bento (Susie chose mochiko chicken).
No. 3 Butterfish (Jos said it was really ono).
No. 6 Tempura and Furikake Salmon
No. 10 California Roll and Tofu Salad (my favorite)


Erick said...

Please order me a #3 next time you go! Looks so ono!

Betty Townsend said...


Dd said... the menu shown

da new menu $$s ??

jalna said...

Didi: Yup, the above menu is the current one I got from their website.

Betty Townsend said...

I checked out this website tonight. The menu is awesome! This goes on the list of places to try when and if I get to go home for a visit.