Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eats Japanese Style

On New Year's eve we had dinner at Wendell's friend's house.
Wendell is cutting up some hamachi.
Eri's mom is frying up some shrimp tempura.Eri's mom also made this. It was soooo ono. It had tako, ika, shrimp, olives, onion, tomato and parsley. They said the dressing was plain ole Italian dressing!
My family came over to my house on New Year's Day. We started with ozoni (mochi soup). I made it! For the broth I threw in a dried squid, some dashi, and the liquid from a can of abalone(-like) into a pot of water. After awhile I threw in the mizuna. I fried up the mochi before serving.
Wendell made the nishime.
Daniel is rolling up some sushi.
And Aaron is enjoying a konbu maki that Didi made.


susie said...

tawseaAWSOME as always. Happy New Year!!!

Betty Townsend said...

Happy New Year, Jalna!! This all looks so ono!! My older sister's first husband was Japanese. My family use to go over to his parents house on New Years Day to eat. There was always so much and all so GOOD!! May account for why I LOVE Japanese food. My husband went out for a bicycle ride this morning and then came home to watch football. Had a late dinner at L&L Hawaiian BBQ.

jalna said...

Hey Susie and Betty!! Happy New Year to you both too!!

Dd said...

I am curious, did Erin's mom cook the tako in the pressure cooker. I see a pressure cooker on the stove next to the cool pot she fried the tempura in ??

jalna said...

Didi: I'm thinking "pressure cooker? what pressure cooker?". I had to look at the picture again. You're right that does look like a pressure cooker, and I don't know what they used it for, but that tako dish was sooooo ono.

SW said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of the mochi soup. I've seen people buying up mizuna at Don Quiote but didn't know how it was cooked. Looks delicious..