Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ala Wai Challenge - 1/25/2009

According to an article in yesterday's Advertiser, "The Ala Wai Challenge, for 24 years a Waikiki Community Center benefit event, is more than an outrigger canoe race — it's a chance to experience Hawaiian makahiki games (stone bowling, spear throwing, dart sliding, stone throwing, tug of war), to learn about lomi lomi massage and la'au lapa'au (herbal medicine) and to consider ways of creating a more green and sustainable community. "

I was wandering around during the program and heard the announcer saying something like, "Wait, don't let the birds go yet . . . " I had to practically run to get this shot.
It seems that our mayor always takes the time to attend these kinds of functions.This is big-wave rider Clyde Aikau.
Master canoe builder Bobby Puakea.
Da Spot was the only food tent so there was pretty much a line the whole time. I got a Tomato Eggplant Basil Chicken before going home. It was good. The owners have a small hole-in-da-wall restaurant on Pumehana Street and I also see them at the KCC Open Market on Saturdays.
There were all kinds of vendors, but one of them said "NO PICTURES!" to me so I decided not to take any of the vendors. I did take shots of the Shave Ice/Cotton Candy booth though 'cause Erin said it was okay.
It was "A Perfect Day" for the race. Even though the sun was pretty much blazing, the cool breeze made for a very comfortable outing.
There was a canoe shuttle taking tourists back and forth across the canal.


Betty Townsend said...

These pictures are great. I am feeling really homesick this morning. I learned that a very dear friend passed away on the 21st. His service was yesterday. We went to church together, his younger sister was a close friend too and we went to Kailua High together too. It makes one realize we never know when our time has come.

jalna said...

I know what you mean Betty. My one and only Aunty Mabel just passed away. It's so sad.

Erick said...

Great canoe shots! I should have shot canoes too, my golf game was really horrible.

SW said...

It looked like a great day in Hawaii alright. The sky was a perfect blue and your canoe paddlers shots were really great. Did you use your 70-200mm for those? I also really like the shot of the tattoo guy.

jalna said...

Shun-Wah: I did use my 70-200mm. I don't know if you know or not, but it's just an f4. I would love to own the f2.8, but it's just too dang heavy for me. Outdoors the f4 works beautifully. I don't even think about the f stop, I just leave it at 4 all the time.

Dd said...

Hey Jalna,
Seems to me there are a couple of "perfect day in Hawaii" shots here. Did the deadline pass yet ??

jalna said...

Didi: No, the deadline hasn't passed yet. It's at the end of February!