Monday, November 11, 2019

Swap Meet Finds

Here are a few of my swap meet finds from yesterday. 

I'm planning on putting this in my Christmas Shoebox.  It was 50 cents.

This was also 50 cents. I wonder if I can make Christmas gift tags with them.

I always get excited when I see bargain-priced Shiseido products. These were $5 for all. 

Another 50-cent buy. I think it's time I put my passwords in alpha order.

These were 25 cents each. 

These were free from a regular seller.  The top one is going in my Christmas Shoebox. The bottom one is reading glasses for me.

This chiller bag was $1. I just can't resist new, unused chiller bags that sell for $1. I have a bunch. Aaaack!

I also can't resist unused small umbrellas that sell for $1, especially when they have colorful polka dots!

This might be TMI but . . . $2 each!! I had to show off. 


Kay said...

Wow! You DO find the most wonderful bargains! It almost makes me want to head out that way despite the hot sun.

Anonymous said...

You found great deals. The child getting your shoebox will be so pleased!


Kalin's Mommy said...

Haha, TMI!

K and S said...

so much good finds!

jalna said...

Kay, the sun can be brutal.

Izsmom, thanks.

Mich, LOL.

Kat, I love looking for deals.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to warn you if you use the sunscreen, be careful to check if there is an expiration date. Most sunscreens have a shelf like of 2 years or less and lose efficacy.

Susan said...

I think of you when I go to the flea mkt on Saturday. I end up going straight to the veggie vendors, convincing myself I don’t need to check for 50c and $1 deals, haha!

Annie said...

Can I buy the hair trap thingys??? I need that!!!!!

jalna said...

V, thanks! Good to know.

Susan, my swap meet routine is to go to the veggie vendors first and then move on to the deals!

Annie, LOL, Wendell used to get them at Longs. It works great at trapping lint in the washtub.

Dd said...

good finds....i cant find those hair trap thingys...i used to find at Walmart

jalna said...

Dd, Wendell usually gets um at Longs.

Leslie's pics said...

looks like you scored!

jalna said...

Les, yesssss!