Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ame-ra Tomato

Every time I go to J-Shop I always look at these tomatoes, but I've never bought any. They're supposed to be super sweet. 

Maybe next time.  I'll let you know.



Anonymous said...

do not buy! I bought awhile back and they were awful. Not sure if because they were refrigerated but they were mealy and had no flavor.
I had researched sweet tomatoes after eating something the Japanese call fruits tomato because it was really the sweetest tomato I had ever eaten and found Amela Rubin which was supposed to be the world's sweetest tomato so when I saw this at J shop, I bought several. Bleeech! Ptuui!
LOL, Kat will tell you whenever I went to Japan I would look for this too and try to buy but I think I'm going off season because have been so disappointed each time.
During summer, Costco HI Kai sells something called Keiki Toms that are very sweet, not as sweet as fruits tomato, but sweetest I've found here. Haven't seen them for over a month so season must be pau.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! 4.50 for one tomato? Sheesh, I’ll pass.


K and S said...

this is the one V likes...hope you have better luck than when she’s bought them.

Mark Shelby said...

OMG Da Price!

Only buy one! Den plant da seeds! ; )

Anonymous said...

j: oh man I would buy one just fo' try cuz one time I bit into a cherry tomato from a Wendy's salad and it was like eating sugar!! Oh man I've been looking for one like it since. Landlord's farm grows tomatoes so we got so many of 'em but even the special one she claims doesn't taste any different. Not that I ever go into town now. One day! -N

Kay said...

Since ame can be candy in Japanese, I guess it must be really sweet. I would love to try some someday. I'll keep a look-out. Thank you!

Kay said...

Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh... $4.50 EACH? Yikes!

Susan said...

I’ve eaten really sweet local grape tomatoes.

jalna said...

V, ho, thanks! Woulda hated to be disappointed after spending da money.

Izsmom, I know!!

Kat, don't think I'll be buying um now. LOL.

Mark, good plan.

N, my cousin V said that the J shop ones were junk, so back to the drawing board.

Kay, expensive yah!

Susan, that sounds good.

Leslie's pics said...

Hmmm I never heard of amera tomato. kinda interesting