Saturday, October 12, 2019

Magic Salt

I was at Whole Foods a bit earlier than usual yesterday to get my 2/$5 pizza. I had never seen this breakfast pizza before so I decided to try it.

It actually turned out to be a bit bland for me.

So I sprinkled some of this Magic Salt on top of it. 

And it magically became ono! I got the salt from Cleta last year as omiyage from Japan, but I have seen it at a market here. Not sure if it was at Marukai or Don Q. 


Leslie's pics said...

oooooooooohhh Kathy is going to Japan next month, i'm gonna see if she can find some for me :)

Anonymous said...

The Breakfast Pizza looks delicious. I never heard of Magic Salt. I hope I remember to look for it at Don Q. LOL


K and S said...


Susan said...

It made it look more appetizing too!

Chet Colson said...

I haven't tried Whole Foods pizza yet. When I do walk by there, it seems to pizza is dry and sitting for awhile. Good, you have the Magic Salt.

jalna said...

Les, uuuuu Kathy is going to Japan? I'm jealous.

Izsmom, they have a garlic one too.

Kat, i love their pizza . . . and the sale price.

Susan, totally!

Chet, they usually look okay when I'm there in the mornings.

Kay said...

Magic salt? Hmmmm.... ajinomoto?

jalna said...

Kay, not sure.