Thursday, October 3, 2019


Do you have an aversion to seeing small holes clustered together? This aversion is called Trypophobia.  I didn't know of such a thing until I heard that the new iPhone with its three camera lenses was triggering some people's Trypophobia.

Now that I know about it, it does look kinda creepy to me.





Anonymous said...


my daughter's boyfriend just sent me a picture of soap bubbles in a sink . UGH!

Anonymous said...

oh, and reminder....NO PIX of SPIDERS TOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this phobia. Learn something new everyday.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Creepy, lol!

Susan said...

When I saw the last pic I felt disgusted. Bees have their mud nests all over my window shutters, I can’t keep up with them! I may suffer from this phobia partially.

Unknown said...

Dont forget about the Surinam Toad! Haha.

Kay said...

It's a good thing Honolulu Aunty doesn't suffer from that with her new iPhone.

jenny said...

Certain photos...I don't like! Like I don't mind the first two in your post but the last one somehow unsettles me. Idk why! I also don't like the look of the new 3 cameras on the iPhone but I just tink its uh-gly. Hahahaha

K and S said...


jalna said...

LOL, V! I just realized . . . it's the spiders' eyes that you don't like.

Izsmom, me too.

Aunty, somehow they are.

Susan, oh no!

CQ, OMG OMG. I know those toads. I totally not watching that video.

Kay, I agree.

Jenny, what is it yah?

Kat, I thought so too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. Can't even get up close enough to see their eyes! Ewwww!
especially banana and cane spiders. My heart is pounding now just thinking of them.

jalna said...

V, small spiders don't bother me. But big roaches? My whole family bolts.