Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Café Kaila

Our Keurig broke yesterday, so that's how Wendell and I ended up at Café Kaila . . . for the coffee.  

When I suggested going there, Wendell balked and said that he didn't wanna wait in line. I told him, "No worry; the line goes fast. It's big inside." 

He said, "Is it fru fru food? How's the portions?" I looked up the menu online and read out some of the items to him. He decided he wanted to try the Frittata Omelet (open-faced omelette baked with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, Monterey jack and parmesan cheeses and choice of Portuguese, Italian or link sausage, bacon, ham or mixed veggies).

When I signed in at the door I saw that there were only two people ahead of us. We waited just a few minutes before being called. 

Wendell changed his mind about the Frittata and got the pancakes ($9.25).  He loved it . . . said it was better than Eggs 'n Things. 

I almost got the Frittata so that Wendell could try it, but he said, "Nah, no need" so I got the Traditional Eggs Benedict ($12.95). The Traditional comes with Canadian bacon and turkey . . . so unvegetarian, but sometimes you just gotta "sacrifice".  It was very good. Even the potatoes were tasty. And the best thing . . . I only ate one, so the other one is still in the 'fridge for me to eat later. Yessssssss.

Side note:  Cafe Kaila uses Waimana eggs from OK Poultry in Waimanalo, my absolute favorite eggs.


Kay said...


Anonymous said...

what time did you guys go? good timing because I see people standing outside most time I pass. Did you know they're open later too for dinner?
I like that place but haven't been able to go for a while.

Susan said...

Love it when newly tried restaurants work out. Haha “fru fru” food!

Anonymous said...

Oh my looks supah onolicious! Wendell so funny, fru fru food. LOL


K and S said...


Mark Shelby said...

I have a Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker.


So much cheaper to use than paying big bucks for all of those plastic coffee pods!

It has a reusable screen that you put your coffee grounds in. Grind your own beans and it will taste even more fresh! Saves you much Kala!

I found it at Salvation Army brand new in da box for only $6.00 Bucks! I'm part Pake Dat's Why! .... ; )

Chet Colson said...

Cafe Kaila is my niece's fave go to place for breakfast. I had the French Toast, pretty good. Yup,SO unvegetarian.But hey,life is short,can't deprive ourselves of the simple pleasures in life.

jalna said...

Kay, yes!

V, it was around 10:00 am on a Monday. I didn't know they did dinners!

Susan, me too! We usually just stick to our favorites and don't venture out to new places . . . especially one with lines.

Izsmom, Wendell is totally not into fru fru. LOL.

Kat, glad the wait was short.

Mark, good deal you got! And I agree about the plastic pods . . . so environmentally unfriendly.

Chet, French Toast sounds wonderful.

Leslie's pics said...

yum, i haven't been there in awhile. I like go now.

jalna said...

Les, I had never been there before, and this month I went twice. LOL.