Sunday, August 26, 2018

Finding Comfort

If you google "finding dimes" you'll find explanations such as this:

A sign that positive changes are afoot; a reward or token of approval from beyond. Ancestors, spirits, guides, or deceased loved ones want you to know they're looking out for you.


I found this dime in our yard a few days ago and found my hurricane-worried state of mind immediately start to calm down. 

Do you often find dimes?


Annie said...

Jalna! I found two dimes yesterday! At first I didn't think anything when i found the first one but when I found the second one...I was like, "hmmm, interesting."

Honolulu Aunty said...

I don't find them too often, but they are my favorite coin. Not sure why. Maybe its size - small, thin, lightweight. And they are pretty, imo.

Leslie's pics said...

hmmmm, interesting!!!

K and S said...

rarely find money on the ground these days

Susan said...

Usually pennies. I did find a $10 bill one time. 😊

Anonymous said...

j: Usually pennies only and I do stop and pick up. Look at Kay's husband, Art and what he finds, just amazing. Oh but I do find all kinds of things at the park, brand new water flask, new car mats the whole set, new clothes pins (leftover from a party I think), new small diaper bag, tons of basketballs left at the court and one time a brand new bike -N

Erick said...

Never, ha ha.

Mark Shelby said...

I normally find $20 dollar bills! Seriously! It's happened many times over my life.

The first one I ever found was when I was a teen in about 1971. I was driving my 1969 VW Bug along the back ally of the Ilikai Hotel. My headlights hit a piece of paper in the middle of the ally. I went....HOLY! That looks like money!

I backed up over it to put my headlights on it. Got out and it was a $20 dollar bill! I've found so many $20's in my lifetime, I almost can't remember them all.

So what does finding $20's mean my Favorite Auntie! .... ; )

I've also found wallets with cash in them. One had over $300 bucks cash! But I always contacted the owners and returned them. Some gave me a tip! ; )

And then, all my years of body surfing at Makapuu I found so many swim fins floating I never had to by my own new swim fins! You know..."Duck Feet".

So what does finding these swim fins all the time favorite Auntie? ... ; )

jalna said...

Annie, interesting . . . hmmmmm?

Aunty, I think that's probably why they're lost so easily.

Les, isn't it?!

Kat, I tend to find dimes a lot.

Susan, score!!

N, holy cow, good guardian angels you got!

Erick, maybe you gotta look on the ground more. LOL.

Mark, I wish I would find $20s. I think finding fins means good surf ahead.