Wednesday, August 1, 2018

DIY Howl's Moving Castle

So Amazing!

In case somebody wants to make one for me, I Google translated the instructions below.

How to make Howl's Moving Castle

Things to prepare: aluminum foil, paper clay x 3, wire, toothpick, brush, paint (SILVER and GOLD DEEPTO and BROWN) to feel rust. Bond, cutter, sponge etc

After that, guts and time. It took me a week to make it.

I will briefly explain not to lengthen.  
"How to make"

1. Make the aluminum shape as you like. It is roundish.
2. Put the paper clay from above.
3 All clothes are paper clay. Once the paper clay has been stretched in a different place, it is dried and cut appropriately, such as triangles, squares, trapezoids, etc. with a cutter or the like.
4. Attach to the body as you like.
5. From now on you actually stick the wire like you like, or turn on the house made of clay. It is really free. I ceased to see a sample saying that it would be fun to do as I liked it from the way.

I think that any order can be applied to color. However, the first color can be painted with a brush, but from the next color put on a small cut sponge and feel like "Ponponon Pompon", please attach with the image which gently puts out the rust.


Kay said...

Hmmmm.... My granddaughter might be interested in this since we went to the Ghibli Museum in June.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Fantastic craftsmanship!

jalna said...

Kay, you went to the Ghibli Museum!! Lucky!

So unreal yah, Aunty.

Susan said...

Wow, the work that's put into all this is just amazing!

jalna said...

Susan, I agree!

Erick said...

OK I get em, I make for you. Ha ha no hold your breath.

jalna said...

Oooooh, thanks Erick. And I not going hold my breath.