Thursday, March 1, 2018

Score Again

I found these at Ross . . . Liquitex acrylic paints, acrylic inks and paint markers as well as trial sets of different gel and fluid mediums. With my senior discount everything came out to around $40.  Can't wait to try um.  I'm excited!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't wait to see your artistry!


K and S said...


Susan said...

I always wondered if art stuff sold at Ross are any good. I did buy a water color set years ago that I haven't used yet. lol

Dd said...

Don't you just love how Ross' calls it their "Tuesday Club?"
my 1st time, I didn't know they offered a discount and the gal asked me ...
"do you belong to our Tuesday Club?"
"Do you mind showing me your ID?"
"no, why do you need to see my ID?"
"information on your ID will tell me if you belong to our club"
very classy right ... never just asked me my age ;-}
when I left the store (Waikiki) I felt the total opposite of when cashiers "used" to ask me for my ID when buy liquor...that stopped looonnnggg time ago ;-{

Chet Colson said...

Can't wait to apply for Silver Sneakers benefits as a senior....old geezer,lol.

jalna said...

Thanks Izsmom!

Kinda exciting too, Kat. LOL.

Susan, it depends on the brand. Ross does carry really cheap generic brands too.

LOL, Dd.

Chet, it's a happy benefit.

gracie said...

Wow!! Your Ross rocks! Rarely has good art stuff!

jalna said...

Gracie, once in awhile they have good brands, but it seems to sell out fast.