Monday, March 12, 2018

Da Ultimate Grindz Hawaii

I went to a rummage/craft sale at Manoa Elementary School this past weekend. Da Ultimate Grindz Hawaii had a tent there. These are photos that I took to send to "da guys" to see if they wanted me to bring home something. Landon texted me back with a "Hell Yah!"

I'm so irritated at myself for not taking any photos of the food that I bought . . . aaaaaarrrrgggggg.  Both Landon and Wendell loooooved the brisket.  I got the pancit for myself. It was only awright. 

This is the Ultimate Combo that was on display.

Da Brisket!! When I declined a sample, the guy asked me when I was gonna start eating meat again (psychic?), and I said, "Maybe now."



Kay said...

Ack! Now I'm salivating! That looks AWESOME!

Susan said...

Good looking food! Pancit needs more stuff in it...maybe that's why it was just "awright" : )

K and S said...

looks like lots of food, but looks good!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The ultimate combo looks onolicious! I could not ever not eat meat! LOL


Chet Colson said...

Whoa....I just had a kanak attack. Looks like a winna. Cool, a food truck at Manoa Elementary.

Dd said...

maybe it is common right now for them, becoz of lent folks not eating meat ??

jalna said...

Does yah, Kay!

Susan, it totally was missing something.

Kat, it was lots.

I know, Izsmom . . . it's hard sometimes.

LOL, Chet.

Dd, ahhhhh, maybe he thought I was doing it for lent.

Leslie's pics said...

uuuuuu that looks good!

Mark Shelby said...

Awesome Jalna!

Manoa Elementary was my very first school in Honolulu in 1964! I was in 3rd grade. Da only Haole in da entire school. That didn't work out too well the first few days. But I fixed that! ; )

Erick said...

Wow, I just ate but I feel hungry now.