Saturday, March 17, 2018

A True Story

I went to Fisher yesterday looking for a particular watercolor paint. A YouTube instructor had used it in a tutorial that I watched, and I thought that the color was so pretty. It was a QoR brand paint, and the color was called Quinacridone Magenta.

At Fisher the QoR display was well stocked so I was pretty confident that the color I wanted would be in stock.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I stood there for awhile looking much like my drawing. Then I searched through the adjacent tubes for a Quinacridone Magenta that maybe might've been "misfiled". No such luck. I looked through the sample book to see if there was another color that was similar. There wasn't. And so I finally gave up and walked to where the other art supplies were. Just to look. I didn't really need anything else.

I was looking at and admiring the expensive professional-grade Winsor and Newton watercolor paints that I could never, ever afford to own when I noticed a lone tube on the shelf next to some Koi watercolor sets. I picked it up knowing that chances were slim-to-none that it would be the one that I wanted. Guess what happened next.

It was exactly the one that I wanted. NO WAY, RIGHT!!!?

A True Story.


Honolulu Aunty said...



Kay said...

Wow! That is so awesome! You must have been jumping up and down. I guess it's the color everyone wants!

Leslie's pics said...


Erick said...

Wow, you so lucky. I'll check to see if anyone else left a tube there.

Snoskred said...

Happy moments! ;) Very glad you found what you were looking for, even if it was not in the correct place.

K and S said...


Susan said...

Nice true story!

Anonymous said...

j: you just like me, if I no find 'em I will stand there and scan for it again, sometimes up to 3x like I expect like magic it will appear. I went to the turtle food aisle in Wal-mart, I was there 2 days previous, and was looking for the turtle treat that my landlady's turtle loves (he's in an outside pond) and nevah have, nor all the different dead insects for turtles. I was like, how can? had so many the last time. I literally stood there about 15 minutes looking over the entire section for outdoor amphibians and fish. I finally accepted that no moe, even after looking behind several bottles of fish food. LOL.
On another note, I was at Pearl City Gateway's Ross's and they had some Liquitex paints, I guess depending on the color mixture they had lots of them. I bought the fluid mediums but realized you used the metallic PAINTS. What you use the mediums for? I also bought a 'how to draw' set too w/ pencils. Now I have a large inventory of art stuff I add to the stuff under my bed! (I always say, soon, soon, when I 'feel' like it) -N

jalna said...

LOL, thanks, Aunty!

Kay, it was more of a jaw-hanging moment for me.

Totally, Les!

Erick, can't believe your true story.

Thank you, Snoskred!

Yeah, Kat.

Thanks Susan.

Hahahaha. N. I bought the mediums too. Normally they're so expensive. These were good trial-size ones. They're used to change the properties of paints, mostly acrylics. I use the matte medium a lot for collaging.