Monday, March 19, 2018

Another True Story

Do you remember how I said that I could never, ever afford to own professional-grade Winsor and Newton watercolor paints? Well, I now own 9 tubes of professional-grade Winsor and Newton watercolor paints!!

Me and Sweetie went to Fisher (Mapunapuna) yesterday. I know. I just went. But going to Fisher is kinda an obsessive thing with me right now. 

Right outside of the entrance was a shelf unit marked "Clearance", and anything marked "Clearance" is a magnet for me. There was a box full of these Winsor and Newton paints! The regular price for the tiny 1/2 oz. Series 4 (most expensive) tubes is $26.36. Crazy, yah.

All of the tubes in the box were marked with a $4 sticker. !!!!!! I wish I coulda bought more, but you know . . . retired . . . fixed income and all. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow . . . 



Chet Colson said...

You’re not the only obsessive shopper there, I see them when I go there. Hey, you’re giving the employees job security.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Whoa!!! You are the SCORE queen!

gracie said...

HO, SCORE!!!!! i love the clearance rack at craft or art stores. can always find a use something!

Anonymous said...

j: hoo da cheap, cheap. When I come across a (very) rare bargain lil dat, I tell myself I not going do something for a while to afford 'em. Like make lunch and no eat take out or no buy anything else for a while. I bargain w/ myself, cuz when it's that rare you gotta seize the moment, fo' real. Buy 'em all or else you going regret it for a long time and at this age, we shouldn't bring on any more regrets, yah? -N

Susan said...

So happy for you! I go to Ross and love when I find clearance tags. I think Ross is giving the other stores around here a run for their money. It’s kinda sad that a big state side company may make our local markets go out of business but nowadays it’s about what’s affordable than anything else.

K and S said...


jalna said...

Chet, Fisher and Ross . . . my two favorites.

Aunty, so lucky, yah!

Gracie, me too . . . LOVE!

N, for real!

Susan, I love Ross on Senior Tuesday.

Yah, Kat!