Monday, March 26, 2018

Sakura Terrace

We received a gift card for Sakura Terrace for Christmas, and we finally got to use it this past weekend.

Dunno if you could tell by the photos lately, but I've been trying to use my new(ish) Fuji XT-2 camera more instead of my iPhone. 

I love the kanji for Sakura. In the character there's a tree on the left and a girl on the right who seems to be sitting under some leaves. So pretty.

This came with our meal.

Salmon Nigiri ($4.25), Hamachi ($5.25), Chu Toro ($9.50)

Chirashi Don ($24)

Unagi ($14)

Ahi Belly ($18)

Vegetable Tempura Don ($17)

Having off-and-on internet problems. Been trying to post this all day. Repair guy supposed to come tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I love Japanese food!


Leslie's pics said...

looks yummy!

Kay said...

I love ikura. Everything looks so delicious!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Looks good!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Bummers about your internet!

So.... was it ono?

Chet Colson said...

Love chirashi don, one of my fave. I paid 3500 yen at Tsukiji in Tokyo. Sakura is within my threshold; it's all relative.

jalna said...

Izsmom, I love Japanese food too.

Was, Les!

Kay, it was my first time there, and I liked it.

Mich, was ono.

Aunty, my vegetable tempura was 100 times better than Sekiya's.

Chet, Landon was disappointed that they were out of uni that day. That's what he was looking forward to in the chirashi don.

Susan said...

Wow, love your pics! Japanese food is the best...maybe because they present it sooo well!

Erick said...

Wow my absolute favorite, sushi. I so Jellos.

K and S said...

hope you can an get your internet running smoothly!

jalna said...

Susan, you're right . . . Japanese food is so photogenic.

Erick, didn't know sushi was your favorite.

Kat, it actually fixed itself. I wonder if Spectrum was working on something that caused a really slow connection for me for awhile. It's actually blazing fast right now.