Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day 2012

2012!!!  Can you believe it?   It sounds so futuristic . . . yet it's today.  Ho, time wen just fly by yah!


The food we had at our annual gathering was kinda the same as we've had before which I've already blogged about.  Glenn made his awesome prime rib and chicken on the grill.  Glenn also grilled the shrimp.  I made fast-kine marinade for it with Yoshida sauce and sweet chili sauce.  Wendell made nishime. Sweetie made her onolicious kinpira gobo and hasu.  Cy and Diem brought an ono crab dish that I forgot to get a picture of.  Aya!!

I made some edamame with butter, garlic, Yoshida sauce and lemon juice.  I got all excited when I saw how the light was shining on the bowl. Glenn and Didi laughed at me 'cause when I ran to the bedroom to get a different lens, the light went away and I got all distraught. Glenn told me to be patient and the light would be back. And sure enough it came back.

Geri made her best-ever-in-the-history-of-mankind ozoni.  Recipe can be found here.

Diem brought this jello-ish dessert she bought from Chinatown.  Isn't it amaaaaazing??!!!

Daniel and Kenna brought this Chocolate Ganache Cake that they bought from Watanabe Bakery.  It was soooo good.  They said it was $22.  I insisted that they take home the leftoevers, but now I regret it 'cause I wouldn't mind eating some right now . . . hahahaha!


Geri made a Baked An Mochi and I made a Baked Chocolate Mochi.  I'll have recipes for you later.

And here are just a few more shots from the day.






Okay, I gotta go finish cleaning out my closet now.  I started on Saturday and I only did about a fourth.  I'm on vacation this week.  I think it's gonna take me all week.


Anonymous said...

holy cow, those desserts look ossum.


jalna said...

Hahahaa, yeah they were good Kevin!

Erick said...

The food looks great! That Happy New Years jello is so amazing.

mmiissee said...

All the food look so good. Do you know which champagne or wine was that in the first picture? Thank you!

K and S said...

what a feast! happy 2012!

jalna said...

That jello really was a work of art Erick.

Mmissee good thing I took a picture of the label 'cause I know nothing about wine and wouldn't have remembered the name. It was a Schramsberg Brut Rose, a sparking wine. The person who gave it to us said that it's served at the White House.

jalna said...

Thank you Kat!

Betty Townsend said...

Another feast! The food all looks YUM! I thought about your family yesterday...there was an article in yesterday's newspaper about how the Japanese celebrate the new year with lots of food being prepared for days before...the custom is slowly dying as the younger generations don't want to do all the cooking. I have fond memories of being at my oldest sister's in-laws to eat (her 1st husband is Okinawan). Those were such good times. :)

Lance said...

Where is Chinatown was that jello from? Did it taste as good as it looked? Yes those desserts looked great!

jalna said...

Lance, the taste and texture is different from what we're used to. I like it. It's a Vietnamese dessert that they sometimes cut up and add to their drinks. My brother can't remember the name of the place, but he said that the next time they go there (next weekend), they'll get the name for you.

Leslie's pics said...

I can't look at anymore food! I swear i've been oinking out all weekend and now I think I'm gonna burst. Looks yummy though!! :)

jalna said...

I know what you mean Les.