Tuesday, January 24, 2012

4Kings Kitchen

After attending a memorial service for my Aunty Mabel this past Saturday, my mom, my sister Geri and I went to 4Kings Kitchen in Moiliili for a late lunch.  According to Louie (sitting on the bench) they are celebrating their one-year anniversary. Louie came outside with me 'cause he wanted to make sure that I got the "Customer Parking" sign and also asked me to mention that they have eight customer stalls behind their restaurant.


Here's Chef Brian and Louie.  I just loved Louie. He was so personable and very accommodating.  When I asked if I could take pictures for my blog, he said sure and then he mentioned that his mom also maintained a website. It's called Every Child Every Village. According to Louie, his mom "builds schools in Africa".  And guess what?  That's exactly what she does.  She is the founder and director of a program which strives to provide the necessary buildings and tools to educate every child in Africa, one village at a time.  How awesome is that!!IMG_8719


These dressings are on sale for $4.77. 

We decided to eat family style and share our orders.  We started with "The Tyrant's" Tofu Salad ($11.00).  Louie provided us with four different dressings to try.

I think the Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette was my favorite.

Louie recommended the  "Garden Isle" Short Ribs ($14.00)  It was so tender!

My mom picked the Chinese Steamed Fresh Island Fish ($14.00).  The fish of the day was Nairagi (Striped Marlin) . . . very tasty.

Mac-N-Cheese was on the Keiki Menu ($7.00).  When Geri mentioned that she looooooves mac-n-cheese, I asked Louie if we could order it even though we had no keiki with us.   It was goooood.

It came with apple and ruby orange slices.  Cute yah!

I also ordered this "The Prodigy's" Meatloaf with Brown Gravy ($11.00) to take home.

And this Chef Kapo's Mochiko Chicken ($11.00).  It looks like regular fried chicken instead of mochiko chicken yeah?  It definitely tasted like mochiko chicken and was ono and very moist.

Here's the menu.



K and S said...

hope to try this place next time I'm home.

Betty Townsend said...

Super yum! The tofu salad, especially, looked so good!

jalna said...

I think you'll like it Kat!

The salad was my favorite Betty.

DNakamaru said...

great pics and review - its on my list now!

jalna said...

Thanks Dean!

Erick said...

Cool, got to try it. The short ribs look so ono.

jalna said...

I think you'd like it Erick. It was tender.