Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CQ's Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

CQ prepared a fabulous dinner for a few of us this past Saturday, and boy did she bust her butt. She made so much food, and everything was so ono. Luckily Les got some nice pictures cause once CQ started serving, I neglected my picture taking duties. You can check out Leslie's photos on her blog.

This was my favorite. I think I ate about 5 pieces. The recipe follows in CQ's own words.
Big Mushrooms (Any kine, but I wen use the white kine..?)
Imitation Crab
Frozen Peas..maybe a quarter of a bag?
1 Round Onions (Diced really small)
2-3 stems of Chopped Green Onions
Honey 2T (beeg 'T..haha)
Yellow Mustard 1/4 cup..?
Salt (grounded sea salt)
Pepper (grounded pepper corns)
Dry Parsley

Brush off any dirt on the mushrooms. (As bes u can..If u wash it, going get soggy.) Twist the stem off to make a mushroom cup. (No tro’ um away cuz you still going use it! No waste!) Set all aside. Rinse off frozen peas to defrost a little. Set aside.

K, da Stuffing: In a big mixing bowl, shred your crab onto flakey pieces. Add FINE CHOPPED round onions -since its still raw, need to dice really small so can cook easier. Chop up the mushroom stems and add to crab mixture. Den add da Peas and green onions.

In a separate bowl, put mustard and some honey. The mustard mixture will look dark. Kinda like Mcdonalds mustard sauce. Put Mayonnaise into crab mixture and stir. (not too much mayo..should still look dry cuz you gonna add the mustard mix next.) Layer the mustard honey mixture and fold ingredients together. Salt, pepper and parsley to taste.

DEN..get your mushrooms and spoon stuffing to fill hole of mushroom. Grab a slice of bacon and wrap the bacon around the stuffed mushroom. Should come out looking like a cup. Use the tootpicks to poke through the horsdervous (yeah, yeah..i dunno how to spell it) to hold it all together.

After Dat...place horsderves in a baking sheet and bake at 375 until the bacon looks cooked and somewhat crispy. If you like you can top with paprika or a sprig of cilantro..den serve when its hot! U can also add cream cheese to make it more creamy…but I neva have dat.


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jalna said...

Kat, it was sooo "mmm"!

Unknown said...

lol! so cute! you put "tootpicks"

jalna said...

Bonny, funny yeah, CQ mo pidgin den me!

Unknown said...

I tried this recipe and even though I was missing a couple of ingredients it came out great! Thank you CQ!!

jalna said...

Yayyy, Bonny! I'll be sure to let CQ know.