Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tysha's Run

Watching pro football bores me to tears. Being able to play flag football with the best coworkers EVER is soooo much fun. There are more pictures to come, but for now here's Tysha's amazing run.

It starts with the best blocker in the history of mankind, Jay. Here's Tysha emerging from the pack.
Her awesome blockers are converging to protect her.
Go Tysha, Go!!!
Lo eats it.
Kody with a crucial block.
I think Nolan finally grabbed Tysha's flag.


Leslie's pics said...

wooooooohooooooooo, go Tysha!!

ny said...

you take great action shots!!! if it was me, it would be all blury!! LOL!

Betty Townsend said...

How fun!! Great pics!!

celia said...

I almost feel like I was there. Talking about team spirit, you really captured it!!!

susie said...

Great pictures!!! Looks like everyone had loads of fun.